Friday, September 5, 2014

I'd like to rent my property short term in Orange County, what restrictions apply for zoning?

A very small section of Orange county is zoned for STR (around Disney and I-Drive/Sea World) and they are typically condo-hotel in nature. There are larger areas zoned for STR in Osceola and Polk county.  Be sure to work with an agent who specializes in the STR market.  Not all communities which are in the STR zone allow short term rentals.  HOA's can have themselves removed from allowing STR's. Long term rentals are 7-12 month leases (and many HOA's require a 12-month lease).  Short term does not have a limit on the minimum number of days a guest is allowed.  However, most short term rentals prefer a minimum of 3-night stay.  If you'd like to know what's available in the STR zone and fits your criteria (size/price/amenities), feel free to reach out to me for assistance.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'm working on my credit score, would like a lease to purchase once I have a pre-approoval in about a year, is this feasible?

 Each seller's needs will be unique so it's too vague a question to answer for all sellers. Some owners may be open to a lease purchase, but would most likely require a large deposit with the lease which would be non-refundable if you didn't have your financing in order closer to 2014. You have to take into consideration, if they are taking their home off the market for a buyer that's not qualified, there should be a financially sound reason to do so.

You may be better off renting somewhere for year. While renting, work on your credit score and find out the area you'd like to purchase. Once you have a pre-approval near the end of the year, you could start looking then. If you decide you love the home you are currently renting and would like to purchase it, then you could approach the owner at that time to see if he/she is willing to sell. You may also want to consider speaking to more than one lender. I do work with lenders that helps those with poor credit, please email me if you'd like this contact information.

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