Thursday, April 23, 2015

Buying new appliances for your Central Florida home? Word of caution!

Whether you're buying new appliances for the Orlando home you just purchased or buying to update your home before putting it on the market, heed this advice: Measure your space before you leave for the store. Then take both the measurements and the tape measure with you to the store. Measure the width between the cabinet sides, and measure the space between the counter-tops. If you're buying a kitchen range, look behind it. Is the electrical outlet recessed or does it stick out from the wall? 

As my neighbor learned not long ago, when it comes to kitchen ranges, 30" isn't always 30". The actual space needed between counter tops can vary depending upon the style of the stove. In addition, while most kitchen ranges allow space in back for the electrical outlet, not all do.
He happened to choose a new range that required the skills of both a carpenter and electrician before it fit in place. Another friend had to trim back a cabinet in order for his new, very expensive refrigerator to fit. That was an even bigger undertaking, since it involved cabinet doors, etc.

While you may have factored new appliances into the cost of selling or of moving in to your new Central Florida home, you probably didn't put the services of a carpenter or an electrician in your budget. So save yourself both time and money – take the time to choose appliances that will fit into the designated space without alterations.

One more thing… As a convenience to you, most stores will haul your old appliances away for disposal. But if they're still in working order, think about donating them instead and also receive a tax deduction. Some non-profit organizations help support their causes through the sale of used merchandise. Before your new stove arrives, give one of them a call to see if they'd pick it up.

If you haven't chosen that new Central Florida home yet, get in touch. I'll be pleased to show you homes that fait both your lifestyle and your budget.

And, if you're just getting ready to put your Central Florida home on the market, I'll be happy to provide you with a no cost, no obligation market analysis.

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